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Clarices Socks by calicokatt
Clarices Socks
Hello, and welcome to todays episode of Jess' Scanners Destroys Society. I'm your host, Jess. 

In today's episode, we also examine the mysterious phenemenon of Jess's characters clothes eating her characters hands. This troubling issue has been going on for decades - 

*stops her pretend show host voice....*

 Eh hem. Anyway. 

 So I just randomly went through my pile of artwork a while back and decided to find some artwork to finish, and I found this relatively cute picture of Clarice that was old as balls, but still pretty cute, and thought that I would finish it. I liked her outfit, it was kinda different from what I've drawn before, so.... I decided to take it out from the pile, and fix it up a bit. I've been doing this often these days, taking older drawings that are still passable as art, and fixing them up to make them look much better. I fixed up her face mainly, since that was really the only thing I didn't particularly like about the old drawing, and off I went. 

 I think overall it came out pretty okay, but I think her nose is actually too big. It's supposed to be kinda small. It just ended up too...long? I dunno. It just doesn't look right. Her arms are also absolutely atrocious oh my god. Her pockets, evidently, are eating her hands and arms because that just doesn't make sense, does it? Also, looking at it now her hips are kinda too big. Well, they just look kinda big. She's supposed to be really small, and she doesn't look like how I pictured her to look. It could just be the dress that she's wearing, I don't know, but either way she just doesn't look right. I mean its not terribly off or anything, and it could just be the way her body is angled, I dunno, just looking at it now it just doesn't look right. :iconnotimpressedplz:

 Where are her heels? We will never know.... :iconitisamysteryplz:

 Her shadow frightens me. It kinda looks like she's floating. She has magical powers. Perhaps she's a super hero. Ricky is coming up with a lot of names for her superheroine name right now. 

*reads names from Ricky's list....*

Those are really mean, Ricky. :iconrlynotimpressedplz: 

 Anyway, for the background I went and used some watercolour pencils. It's been a while since I used those so I thought I'd try them out again in my more recent drawings. I like how the colours came out, which is nice for once, because usually I hate the way the colours come out, at least these days I do anyway. 

 I had fun with her outfit! Wanted to give her gigantic over the knee socks. :icondurrhurrplz: I thought they would be something she would like to wear. The stripes didn't turn out how I wanted exactly but I still like them anyway. Fun outfit to do. I don't like how her boobs came out tho. I really don't even know what I was doing when I was drawing her boobs. Again, she's supposed to be small chested so its almost like I couldn't comprehend how to draw small boobs or something. I don't know why, because it's not like my own boobs are gigantic or anything so I have experience with small boobs.... Anyway. 

  And just so you know, WHY YES, THE SCAN IS TERRIBLE. Especially her face area. I mean the colour to begin with there was shitty but this scan just looks awesome. Not as bad as all of my other million scans but this is still pretty terrible.  So yes, yet another shitty scan brought to you by my scanner. I don't even really need to mention my shitty scans anymore, I realize, but... just incase you missed out on hearing how my scanner destroys my soul. 

 Anyway. For the most part I like this one. I wish the colouring came out a bit nicer. Sometimes I just think my colouring looks so sloppy and terrible. It's really just her face area, mainly. The colouring didn't come out quite as nice as I wanted it to on her face but...that's okay. The inking is bad. 

 My inking is always bad. :iconfailplz: 

 But anyway, for the most part I guess this one came out fairly decent. I like certain things about it, but not awesome either. Just an old turd I thought I'd try and polish. :icondurrhurrplz: 

Clarice here is © to Jess Ratte :D 
Melanie Has A Crappy Happy by calicokatt
Melanie Has A Crappy Happy
I hate it when I draw a picture and then over time I can't stand it, or I find all these annoying things wrong with it... 

 This has been happening a lot recently, and theres a reason for it. No, its not (entirely) because I'm a really picky artist and nitpick everything I do. A lot of it is because of recent changes that I've been making to my style. 

 So when I see something that is an inbetweener, something that I've drawn while still trying to sort things out...I seriously can't stand the sight of it for the most part. Sure, I guess some would say that it should show your progress but...UGH. :iconnotimpressedplz: I seriously can't stand some of these drawings anymore. *groans*

 Well, okay. Maybe that's a little too harsh. A lot of it isn't necessarily that I can't stand the drawing anymore, I just hate certain things that I did that I thought worked really well at the time of drawing the picture. I guess that's a good way of seeing what you might want to change in your style, seeing older pictures and deciding what works and what doesn't, but I just look at my crappy things and just cringe. 

 Like this picture, here. I drew this a while ago, and at the time I thought it was pretty cute, and thought I would finish it. 

 I fail at thinking, apparently, because it's really not that cute, but...then again it's not that bad either. But it's still not really that good. 

 Really, theres nothing terribly exciting about this picture in the least. It's just one of those MEH pictures that I did and decided to finish. Theres a lot of anatomical issues with it, like, once again, I gave my character an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny head, and her...HER THIGH. WhhhHHHHATTTTttTT???????? I mean the thighs up top are kinda...okay..but then the closer you get to her knees (or where her knees would be, theoretically), the...WORSE they get. I'm pretty positive that her legs look messed up because I fucked up when I was inking. That is seriously my only excuse. Either that or I was drunk when drawing this one. UGH. Terrible. 

 Anyway, because this is one of those transitional drawings, I just can't stand her face. It's always the faces of my characters that go through so many changes. I don't know if this is the same with everyone else when you are improving your style, or experimenting or whatever but...UGH. I just kinda hate her face. It wouldn't be so bad if her eyes weren't so close together. I fail. I fail pretty bad. :iconfailplz:

 And, where, exactly, did her hand go? :icondoomedplz: Her neck, apparently, ate her hand, Or her head ate her hand or...Something. I think I intended it to be behind her hair or something but....


Anyway, the kinda sorta usual with the background...did that with watercolour pencils. I should have probably used maybe some more blues or something but I still like the colours in the background. I hadn't used my watercolour pencils very often lately so I thought I would use them for some of my backgrounds.

 ...Look, I'm just going to spare you the gory details about the scan because YOU ALREADY KNOW IT'S TERRIBLE. :iconfrageplz: My scanner had to take a big shit all over the scan once again. Of course, not as bad as some of the shit that comes out my scanners asshole, but it's still pretty bad.

 On a positive note, I like the colour of her jeans! :icondurrhurrplz: Based them on a pair of jeans that I own myself, actually. :D

 ....Seriously tho, anatomy doesn't work like that. :XD:

 So yeah, not a very good picture of Melanie,'s okay. Kinda old, kinda not, ITS JUST THERE.

*creepy music plays for no reason.....*

 Anyhoo, just Melanie! Mels here is  © to Jess Ratte :D 


Jess Ratte
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OH HAI! I'm Jess, and I have a boner.


I'm all about the coloured pencils and things. They smell really good, actually. Seriously they do.

I have a tumblr:

I also am taking commissions! Check out my journal,… , or feel free to note or email me for questions!!

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Hey everybody!

Well it's been a while, hasn't it? Thought I'd update my deviantART account.. I think I see some tumbleweed blazing through these parts <--said with a terrible southern accent, because Jess can't do accents at all.)

 Anyone else sick of fuckin' winter yet? Do you guys think spring is coming, one of these days? :iconmadlynotimpressedplz:

 Anyway. So how have you all been? I've been pretty well for the most part. Things so far are actually getting better for us (my boyfriend and I). We found out that we should be able to finally move out of this damned apartment in hopefully a few months, which is great! Our neighbours above us have moved out in the meantime which is just AWESOME because they are just...:iconnotimpressedplz: So we're pretty happy. We've been looking at moving into a townhouse, and then maybe in a year or two, move into a for reals house or condo once we save up the money for one. We've decided we're probably going to move to a central location in the city since it'll be easier for us to get to places like downtown if we had to. Altho we live in a great part of town right now (everything is pretty much in this end) things like friends and family live closer to downtown, and also downtown is nice in the summer and really it'll just be easier for us in the end I think. But honestly whatever we are able to get I guess is the main thing. It'll be a pain in the arse to have to move but we're going to get rid of some of the furniture that we have so...That'll be less stuff we have to move right? :D We're getting a new living room set :D

 Anyway, I started my at-home position... honestly? It's really nice working from home. Seriously, it is. But there are so many annoying downsides. First, we had to change our internet plan for my job which ended up being more expensive (and slower, as well.) and that's really annoying. Second, it seems like they still have all these stupid problems at work that make it kinda frustrating to work because you can't get shit done easily and you have to call this person and this person and nothing is done locally. It's just...REALLY annoying. >.< My boyfriend got a new job so he's quitting in a few days, and I've applied to another job that I'm OVER QUALIFIED for so...yeah. I'm going to keep applying to places and hopefully I'll hear back from someone. We've both decided that we should just have new jobs. Honestly working from home makes me feel a bit like a hermit, I miss going OUT and talking to real people; a lot of times I just feel like I'm sitting on my ass all day and doing nothing, which is really annoying for me since I'm an active person. It is nice to be able to wear whatever the fuck I want UP TO AND INCLUDING PJ'S hahaha, but...yeah. Plus, before my boyfriend got his new job we were working opposite shifts; my boyfriend worked days and I worked nights. It was just...annoying. Anyway. So hopefully everything will work out and I can find something new.

 I'm watching all 3 seasons of The Almighty Johnsons (UGH Dean O'Gorman! :iconflyingheartsplz: )  and the Aidan Turner (UGH Aidan Turner! :iconflyingheartsplz: ) seasons (1-3) of Being Human UK (because to be honest those are the only seasons I give a shit about, I guess the Lenora and Russell leave as well...), and then on to Pushing Daisies (UGH Lee Pace! :iconflyingheartsplz: to appease my fangirl feels for The Hobbit cast while I not-so-patiently await for The Hobbit : There and Back Again to come out in December....Altho Guardians of the Galaxy comes out in August (I believe) and I'll have some Lee Pace-ness there :iconpervplz: My Tumblr followers know how crazy of a Hobbit fan I am, so...yes. After Pushing Daisies... I'll probably catch up with Sherlock (UGH Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman! :iconflyingheartsplz: ) since I need to watch the third season....I'm hoping all of that will take me until December but...I don't know. I just don't know. *stares forever into the distance.....*

 ANYWAY. I'm going to try and post some more art here. I have stuff to post, I just haven't really gotten around to it. I've actually been feeling a little unmotivated these days with my art, like everything I do completely sucks. *groan* I hope this is just a small slump and I'll be able to get out of it eventually. I've been trying to ink some things that I could colour them and maybe just take a break from drawing for a while, but...even the shit I have to ink look...crappy. I dunno. Anyway. So I'll keep you all posted on my job sitch and...Yay!

Have fun, everyone!

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