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Oh Hai Mac by calicokatt Oh Hai Mac by calicokatt

....Or Jess just wanted to do something slightly different with her backgrounds, so she drew some lines.

But to make Mac feel specialz, I tell him that it's a frame that frames him because he's a superstar. :iconteheplz: I told him I could just stick a star sticker on his forehead but anyway....

(I might still stick a sticker on him anyway that says "Way to go!" or some other uplifting message that your teacher used to give you on your reports in elementary, and sometimes even in high school.)

*makes mental note to draw a picture of Mac with a sticker on his forehead, because that could very well be really adorable.*

Mac: Or really, really, really idiotic. :iconfullofshtplz:

Shhh. Anyway. So, out of all the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of times that I've drawn Mac, I still have YET to come up with a decent reference picture of JUST himself. Infact, the last reference picture was this pile of turdshit that I drew back in like 2009 and it was horrible and terrible and I'm not even linking you to it. Any other pictures of just Maccers by himself are pretty terrible as well. I mean, seriously. What the hell, right? I mean it's not that I DON'T draw him by himself or anything, I just have yet to finish any of these pictures, and when I do get around to actually finishing them they, well, they kinda just end up looking like shit anyway.

So it was then that I decided to end this cycle of terrible Mac reference pictures! *stands up on a podium* I WILL DRAW MAC DECENT ALL BY HIMSELF!

(Right after, of course, I finish drawing some more Mac-a-Mel smut :iconhurrhurrplz: )

(I don't think Mac particularly minds my Mac-a-Mel-a-Smutting...)

Anyway. So I then went on a rampage and started to draw all these Mac pictures, that were super exciting and things. (Actually they were all relatively boring because he was just standing around basking in his awesomeness, but whatever.) So here was one of him that I finished that I thought came out pretty okay. Yes, it's not particularly exciting, yes, it's just a random character standing picture, but dammit, it's Mac, and he's just hanging out and things. Typical Mac expression, and typical Mac pose.

D'awww, he's adorable, right? This one is actually a little bit older, but I still like how it came out. I felt like colouring his shirt that tanny colour for some reason.. .I was in a tanny colour mood and was colouring a lot of my characters clothing tanny colours. I never really thought that Mac would wear jeans that are particularly that baggy, but I like how his jeans came out. HE LOOKS COZY.

Almost like, if there were a cat, and a cat were wearing clothes, this is what a cat would be wearing. :icondurrhurrplz:

(Umm, dumbass, Mac IS a cat......)


Anyhoo, I like how this one came out. Yes. I know it's not particularly exciting, I know, but when you're as cool as him you're always exciting. :iconheythereprettyplz: I have this thing about backgrounds, where sometimes, I just...HATE not having something in the background. But I really didn't want anything super fancy, so I stole one of my ideas from another drawing I did of - now that I think of it, it was another one of Mac from a few years back - where I took markers and drew two lines and...yes. I just wanted something really simple and that line thing was the simple one that I thought of at the time.

My scanner actually hates Mac with a passion for some reason, I like to think because my scanner is secretly in love with Melanie, and he always scans in this really gross shade of pink or something. Surprisingly, the scan of this isn't as miserable as most of my Mac scans, but you know, its still pretty gross. Once again, Scanner, MAC IS NOT A SHADE OF PERVERTED PINK YOU PULL OUT OF YOUR ASS. He is light orange. It's a shade in my Laurentien coloured pencils. Get it right, douchehole. :iconwthplz:

But we all are distracted from the shitty scan by Mac's GLORIOUS tail, that we all just want to wrap ourselves up in and just be all LOOOVVVEEE!!! (Oh GAWSH Imma sounding an awful lot like Melanie HURRRRR!!!) AHHH It's just so big and magical I LUFF EETTTT!! :iconomgsocuteplz:

It ALMOST competes with Ricky's tail....ALMOST.

So yes. Finally a picture that is half decent of Mac by himself. Not the greatest I've drawn but I still like it. He's so adorable it HURTS! But in a good way, like...when an adorable cat is walking all over your face. It kinda hurts, but it's adorable because you know theres a really cute cat on your...face.


(And yes, I DO know what it's like to have a cat walking on your face......)

So yes, just some Mac-age for you all. He's sexy and he knows it.


Macage here is to Jess Ratte :D
Bro-Harl Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
:iconno1plz: He's quite the :iconrainbow-dplz::iconrainbow-oplz::iconrainbow-oplz::iconrainbow-dplz:
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